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Pistol Slide Optic Cut- Any Other Optic

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Milling- Optic Cut- ANYOTHER- BO- CER
Turnaround times currently approx. 2 weeks from time of receiving the slide.
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Any Other Optic Cut:


  • Let's face it, there are a lot of optics out there. If it's produced, chances are we can cut a slide for it. If you don't see your optic of choice specifically listed as one of the other optic cut purchase options, here's our catch-all option. 

  • In the text box please specify your optic make and model.

  • MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THE OPTIC WITH YOUR SLIDE when you ship it to us, this is very important as some optics have some quirks that we want to be able to account for and ensure proper fitment to your slide when we cut it.



  • Cerakote (if selected) is applied to the entire slide. 

  • Please choose your Cerakote from the Cerakote H-Series options, any H-series color may be selected for no upcharge. If you would like to opt for a multi-color pattern such as a camo please specify that and we will contact you for more details, but please be aware that there will also be an additional cost associated depending on the Cerakote selected.

  • If the option for Cerakote is selected but no color is specified, the slide will be Cerakote in H-190 Armor Black.

  • For Cerakote color codes and examples please check:

  • We assume that the customer will have arrangements for coating of a slide if NONE is selected for color. If NONE is chosen there is potentially an issue for rust and corrosion to develop on the slide. We are not responsible for misuse and neglect of bare metal by the customer by opting not to protect the bare milled metal.

  • We do not charge extra for disassembly/reassembly, you may send your entire slide.

  • If you include new sights we will install the new ones at no charge. If you include your Optic, barrel and recoil spring we will align it for free. 

  • If your iron sights are not compatible with the optic/optic cut we will not reinstall them. They will be sent back in a plastic bag with your slide.





When shipping slides for milling, SHIP SLIDES ONLY. Do NOT ship the entire firearm or the lower of the firearm as we are not transferring the firearm. We only custom mill slides.


Please ship your slide to us at:


Fitzgerald Customs, LLC

ATTN: Sarah

7671 SR 471

Bushnell, FL 33513