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Many items are great candidates for powdercoating, for either protective purposes or just for awesome customization options! If it's metal, can withstand high heat, and doesn't have particularly tight tolerances for spacing, it can probably be powdercoated.


Here at Fitzgerald Customs, we pride ourselves on not taking shortcuts to provide customers with a great experience, every time. We may not be the cheapest you'll find around, but ours will be the highest quality of care taken at every step to ensure you receive a craftsman level result.


Issues like flaking, chipping, and peeling are usually the result of poor prep, usually done by those cheap guys who can afford to be cheap because they take labor shortcuts. Our process involves meticulous stripping and degreasing, sandblasting, and plugging or taping off tight clearance areas and threads. That way, you get your part back looking cool, fitting right, and ready to last a long time, every time.


Check out our Powdercoating Gallery in the Project Galleries section of our website for some ideas of what your next project might be able to use our powdercoating services for to take it to the next level. Whether you're looking for flashy or just clean, powdercoating goes a long way.


Powdercoating Gallery


Sample pricing for common items. Contact us for a quote for specific parts or for discounted bundle pricing for multiple pieces. Prices may vary from those shown in the list depending on size differences due to different makes and models.

Dirtbike Frame (single color): $250

Dirtbike Frame (2 color: clear/metallic/candy): $300+

Swingarm: $150

Motorcycle skid plate: $50

Motorcycle radiator guards: $40

Motorcycle small parts (brake calipers, engine parts, etc): $30+